Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our greatest fear is that we are more powerful than we can imagine.

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Hollow Wood

A leaf falls into the pond.

The swift wind in the breeze,
Weaving in the warm glow.

The visions that we immerse ourselves in,
We make ourselves to be made of.

To go to sleep and never wake up,
To wake up having never gone to sleep.


The last stand

The sound of the flickering light in the room festered until the lamp stabalized. Banging sounded from a nearby echo in a corridor somewhere. It was followed by a louder more imposing smash. It didn’t stir any of the soldiers. The remnants of a once strong regiment was now down to 20 men and women. They were all battered and exhausted; their olive green fatigues hung on their dreary and worn bodies. The men were vaguely recognizable to the glorious soldiers they had once been, their ammo belts hung off their rags like a burdening child. The women, once beautiful, were only recognizable by the obvious cheek bones pocking off their faces in front of their worn-out hair. All of them had tied their hair in a bun which only succeeded in bringing out their skeletal features further.

An orderly, only recgnizable by rank now, walked up to the tall figure in the peak cap.
“Commissar, they’re in the corridors now heading for our location. I still haven’t received communications from the surface. They’ll be no reinforcemen-“.
“I see”, he said cutting him off. The game was up and it was obvious what the outcome would be. The commissar personally wondered why the adjacent had whispered to him. The confined space of the vault meant every trooper could hear them. The game was up.
“Commissar? Is this it?”, a woman murmurred from a shadow in the corner of the room.
“I believe it is”.
“Sir, I’m afriad”, a man’s voice wimpered. ‘I’m afriad’, like that statement had any validity to it. They had faced monsterous foes, fought neck and teeth for every inch of territory but still it wasn’t enough to be courageous. There wasn’t any point in saying otherwise, there wasn’t much time left.
“I know soldier, I’m afraid to”, the adjundant tried to interrupt but he cut him off swiftly.
“No, we have to be honest. There’s no point in putting on the facade for any longer. Men and women, yes I am afriad. We are all afriad. We have seen and experienced things the likes of which we will never see again. I may be a commissar but I am still human and like all of you I too am afraid. Tell me soldiers, do you know what makes a good commissar?”.
All the troopers stared blanked at him, his imposing voice cutting the increasing thumps surronding the room that were getting louder.
“Any commissar can persuade himself that he doesn’t fear what the enemies of man have to offer but a true commissar accepts he is afriad and doesn’t give his fear the satisfaction to exist by doing so. The moment we do so if the moment we become brave”.
A small murmur of agreement sounded around the room.
“Soldiers, I have served you long enough to know that we have lost all the possessions our regiment held sacred; our glorious dead, precious manpower and now our base. But if you think about it, we don’t have those anymore and we can’t carry them with us when we die. They were just a figment of our imaginations anyway”. A ripple of shouting bellowed in agreement.
“So you need to ask yourself? Will you succumb to fear, an illusion? or will you join me in showing that we can end what we started with honour and dignity?”. A roar erupted through the vault. It was followed by a smack against the vault wall as the ground shook. All the soldiers instinctively aimed their rifles at the door.

“I do not know if God is with us but all I know is all of us are humanity and through death, it will endure as it always has and always wil-

The speech was cut off by the vault door exploding.