I was born in specialty , Growing up to not fit in, I keep travelling to find what I'm looking for, Though I do not know what I want. I see nothing but everything sees me. I grasp nothing, I refuse nothing. I receive but I do not keep. When you search for it, you… Continue reading Nomad


An open letter to feminism

Dear Feminism, You want all of this attention like you care, like you really give it your all in a new and innovative way but instead you've led gender equality into an oppressive monotony. What started the movement was a sense of gross injustice: major female equality; no political power; no equal pay, health care… Continue reading An open letter to feminism


The last stand

The sound of the flickering light in the room festered until the lamp stabalized. Banging sounded from a nearby echo in a corridor somewhere. It was followed by a louder more imposing smash. It didn't stir any of the soldiers. The remnants of a once strong regiment was now down to 20 men and women.… Continue reading The last stand