Hollow Wood

A leaf falls into the pond. Splash. The swift wind in the breeze, Weaving in the warm glow. The visions that we immerse ourselves in, We make ourselves to be made of. To go to sleep and never wake up, To wake up having never gone to sleep.



Confidence is a a sparing currency. When it is present, it generates the most valuable and extravagent wealth from people, When it is absent, all are poor and unfortunate. It is common property and belongs to everyone, Yet only few are able to invest it wisely. The rare few of us inherit it from our… Continue reading Confidence


Close up

The pebble hits the water. Splash.   The leaf skims the river. Woosh.   The man sheaths his sword Shing.   The horse travels. Clump, clump-clump, clump-clump.   The rock falls. Crash.   The keyboard mutters. Ting.   The hammer beats the metal. Clank.   The people stare in amazement. Awe.   The bullet passes… Continue reading Close up