The Encounter

The encounter Chapter 1: Beginnings The ocean expressed a lime green. The day was clear with a blue sky that was supposed to be a reflection of the water, but God had decided today was not the day for that to happen. Still, today had been deceiving in many ways. The ocean was rough, causing… Continue reading The Encounter



I was born in specialty , Growing up to not fit in, I keep travelling to find what I'm looking for, Though I do not know what I want. I see nothing but everything sees me. I grasp nothing, I refuse nothing. I receive but I do not keep. When you search for it, you… Continue reading Nomad

Historical Fencing

The issue with HEMA

The issue with HEMA Ever since the "HEMA is dying" period that struck the community, it has bought to my mind another subject. Unlike the prior mention, this one is going to have specific backing with source material. Before I begin, I want to clarify: I have a Masters in History. This isn't to seem… Continue reading The issue with HEMA


I don’t know what I’m talking about, version 2

I was asked today a question that made me think very long and hard by a work colleague. We were eating and he said "if you were to go back in time and talk to yourself, what would you tell them?" After thinking for a while, I finally answered "don't worry about things", things will… Continue reading I don’t know what I’m talking about, version 2



Confidence is a a sparing currency. When it is present, it generates the most valuable and extravagent wealth from people, When it is absent, all are poor and unfortunate. It is common property and belongs to everyone, Yet only few are able to invest it wisely. The rare few of us inherit it from our… Continue reading Confidence


Did we do a good job in Afghanistan?

So Nato forces are officially out of Afghanistan after ten years. A lot of people ask "was it worth it in the long run?" and though I can't provide a definitive answer, a comparison to provide some perspective might bring some insight. In 1979, the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan and occupied it for 10 years… Continue reading Did we do a good job in Afghanistan?


The last stand

The sound of the flickering light in the room festered until the lamp stabalized. Banging sounded from a nearby echo in a corridor somewhere. It was followed by a louder more imposing smash. It didn't stir any of the soldiers. The remnants of a once strong regiment was now down to 20 men and women.… Continue reading The last stand


Surrender in the British Expeditionary Force during August 1914

In the hot summer of August 1914, the British Army was in retreat. Against a German army group twice its size, it desperately struggled to fall back. Since the end of the First World War, it has been popularized that the British Army managed to escape through superior quality of its men and training. This… Continue reading Surrender in the British Expeditionary Force during August 1914