Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our greatest fear is that we are more powerful than we can imagine.

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An open letter to the destroyers of dreams

When I was a young boy I had dreams; I had dreams, ideals and beliefs; beliefs which made me feel comfortable and certain. Now I do not dream anymore, now I realize that was we want has always been in front of us: That beauty, that very beauty which manifests itself so elegantly has given me the information to say and understand how the world works. As a man, my duty and honor has compelled to provide me with the most promising theme imaginable (out of obligation). I address you, destroyers of dreams, directly.

Please listen, as if you were sober and intelligent and not a drink sodden, sex addled, wreck. It takes a rare man to know the world but it takes a much rarer man to admit he does not know the world but understands it. It takes a man who is as rare to gain the persona that claims dreams before even coming of age. There are an unlimited spectrum of reasons why you would do it; perhaps out of insecurity, fear, jealousy, pretentiousness, arrogance or simply the dislike of a person for no apparent reason. Perhaps it was the stride to control them so you would feel comfortable yourself or that you could not stand a genuinely warm and good hearted person. To ruin the lives of others; to build barricades to not deem yourself vulnerable and erect barriers for others so they may do the same.  Either way, you assumed to level the person to yours because they raised themselves out of kindness; so they may not find themselves in your position. Even so, a God worshiper or not, race, gender or sexual preference, the world we inhabit is an act, an illusion, a system of pretend, a theatre production. I have seen this, witnessed it, let it pass for so long that the smallest minute spectrum of detail has been recognizable.

Through the pain, the sufferance, the pestilence, the degradation, this is witnessed and noted in all it’s detail. For what you do, whether you realize it or not, to mold a guardian into a monster or pervert will be unsuccessful and foolhardy; but then, a damsel’s role has always suited you best. By honor and duty, love, admiration and most importantly the unquenchable silence of life will this never perspire.

To destroy dreams, perhaps you should have not, for you make an enemy worse than death: the jester, the clown and the non-dreamer.

Yours sincerely (in the most superficial way possible).