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Introducing: Anti-vision goggles

Yes, that’s right. For one time only, purchase these genuine, one of a kind, anti-vision goggles. Made of the finest materials known to man, and excelled in anti-vision technology, they can help benefit anyone who seeks to create an advantage to their other senses. Ever get tired of looking at things? Wish you could stop having to use your eyes? Well now your dream has one with this piece of ingenuity.

How to use:

Step 1) Close eyes.

Step 2) Equip genuine, one of a kind, anti-vision goggles on the facial region on the eyes.

Step 3) Open eyes.

Now you should be able to enhance your other empirical senses in no time.

Other uses include:

-Helping you go to sleep

-Hitting your nemesis,

-Disciplining your children,

-Blinding your enemies

-A very absurd coaster for drinks

-A very abstract piece of art

-A testicle warmer

And many, many more….

Warning: Make sure to read all instructions before using. Wearing anti-vision goggles may result in temporary blindness (depending on length of time used) and displacement of gravity.