Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our greatest fear is that we are more powerful than we can imagine.

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The New year and 2014:

Having surpassed another year of 2014, I find myself at a crossroads. Either I can wrote this (and see what effects it leaves) or not. But I think 2014 has been a year of issues (ones which I will not go into detail about in terms of personal matters) but it’s also been informative and eye opening in it’s content.

A key factor it has made me realise is what a place we live in and, more importantly, I’ve come to realise none of what we say really has an impact and are barriers we create. I don’t want to go into contructivism or naturalism, this isn’t an academic article, but I always think how things are an illusion in the way we make it. We have so many issues that are emphasised but they really don’t matter. When you’re in love, or have been in love, and you’re looking in that person’s eyes, and they’re looking into yours so intimately, you think nothing else matters: it’s just you and them. Then there is no you and them, there’s just this feeling that there’s people and that’s it. Life in it’s context is like that, although much wider. We have all these definitions and barriers we place but at the end of the day, there’s just us as people. We use words like sexism, racism but they don’t matter because when it boils down, it’s just people doing things. If you got hated or felt insecure because of an aspect of your life, I want you to think about where that vulnerability stems from and how you can replace it with security.

If you are reading and understanding what I’m writing, you are a human being and so much more than the what you watch, participate in or play. You have an entire lifetime of rich human experiences that make up what you do and you’re identity and other things are not enriching you’re life, you are. You have the imagination, the love and the willpower to create the happiness that other things fill you with. Don’t let anyone bring you down for who you are or what you want to be, don’t let anyone exploit you for who you are, don’t let anyone sell your own identity back to you. You don’t need an excuse to like things, that’s just what you do; have confidence in that. You don’t need to risk your reputation and your privacy getting involved with these shady operations over what people can and cannot say and do. You don’t need to fill your life with so much negativity just to express how you love something. One thing is factual about information: we’ve been more freer than we ever have been with information. We have a bright and diverse selection of wildly different people and vastly different ways to approach them.

No matter how negative the year gets, how stupifying, shocking or hilarious the year gets, there will still be a niche for good people.