An open letter to feminism

Dear Feminism, You want all of this attention like you care, like you really give it your all in a new and innovative way but instead you've led gender equality into an oppressive monotony. What started the movement was a sense of gross injustice: major female equality; no political power; no equal pay, health care… Continue reading An open letter to feminism


What makes a person good?

People always ask me “what makes a person good?” and I always tell them this: To be good you must love. Therefore you must serve because service is love made visible. Do things before people ask you to do them and ask for nothing in return. Do not prejudge and embrace everyone you meet as… Continue reading What makes a person good?


Feminism: the significance of the bridge

I think it was a while ago, when I was at a convention, that a conversation striked up about the role that gender plays in society between a liberal feminist and male. Eventually the argument degenerated into the stigma attached to both gender; though it was plainly obvious to myself, and the crowd around me,… Continue reading Feminism: the significance of the bridge