Dealing with special needs

Having worked with children, I have found myself being challenged by trial and tribulations throughout my time. I want to shortly testify to how it has affected me. Before I begin, I want to say I will not be mentioning where I work for legal reasons. All I will say is I am absolutely enjoying… Continue reading Dealing with special needs


Mental health (PTSD): An understanding.

People often talk about mental health as if it is something that has been solved; an incoherent problem that has been remedied. I'm here to say otherwise. I think there's a a perception that people are better understanding mental health problems and people are able to empathise better with those who do have prevalent conditions.… Continue reading Mental health (PTSD): An understanding.



Confidence is a a sparing currency. When it is present, it generates the most valuable and extravagent wealth from people, When it is absent, all are poor and unfortunate. It is common property and belongs to everyone, Yet only few are able to invest it wisely. The rare few of us inherit it from our… Continue reading Confidence