Introducing: Anti-vision goggles

Yes, that’s right. For one time only, purchase these genuine, one of a kind, anti-vision goggles. Made of the finest materials known to man, and excelled in anti-vision technology, they can help benefit anyone who seeks to create an advantage to their other senses. Ever get tired of looking at things? Wish you could stop… Continue reading Introducing: Anti-vision goggles


Close up

The pebble hits the water. Splash.   The leaf skims the river. Woosh.   The man sheaths his sword Shing.   The horse travels. Clump, clump-clump, clump-clump.   The rock falls. Crash.   The keyboard mutters. Ting.   The hammer beats the metal. Clank.   The people stare in amazement. Awe.   The bullet passes… Continue reading Close up