Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our greatest fear is that we are more powerful than we can imagine.

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What makes a person good?

People always ask me “what makes a person good?” and I always tell them this:

To be good you must love. Therefore you must serve because service is love made visible. Do things before people ask you to do them and ask for nothing in return. Do not prejudge and embrace everyone you meet as a long lost friend waiting to be embraced. Forgive the people who wrong you, not for any reason of salvation but because, like you, they know no better. Safeguard those you care for and seek to create all things. To love is to have no you, for that is left to serve others and will exist anyway as a result.

This is what is meant to be good.



An open letter to society

Dear Society,

You claim to provide everything to me, whatever my dreams and desires,
yet you have not satisfied me one bit.

You build tall houses which are big,
But what are big houses but to cut me off from others as to deny me from others.

You then decide it is vital I have money,
But money cannot give me emotional satisfaction, the love, appreciation and satisfaction of others.

It cannot buy me anything I don’t have. To give me things I don’t need.

You decide I need a job.

But you cannot provide the hard day’s work.

You give me many things of sizes, shapes and entertainment,

But you cannot give me the satisfaction of a view, a friendly conversation or a sensational experience.

It cannot give me life.

You then try to motivate me with music or clothes of different kinds and different sorts, as if to limit my pattern to a beat.
But ones pattern cannot be limited not given haste. It is a most delicate buffet to be open and kind; not to be conformed like a dog.

You then attempt to provide me with sexy women on all sorts of media doing all sorts of things; their clothes hung on their flesh like a rag doll, attempting to trick me into the superficial; tempting me to sway otherwise.
But nothing can deny me more than a love, fantasy, conversation or patience. For what I have or want is not for sale. For all the women I see are more beautiful with every passing day, their eyes glimmering and their personalities shining outwards.

What you give is already there.

You tell me I am a valued individual. But what of the individual without the community?

What is to serve oneself only to be alone and our brothers throats cut?

You tell me I am different to others,

Why do I differ from my brothers and sisters? They are no different to me with their problems.

At the end of the day the skull is a grinning face.

You attempt to show negativity to keep me on my feet; to say everything is hazardous,
and now the barriers are erected.
Yet what is the point of enduring if you do not get the goal of preserving at the end?

You deny me my emotions by moulding me into something or rather someone; to say I am something specific.
You cannot deny what is evident and what cannot be limited and that is none of your business.

You finally make me afraid of the unknown. Something I cannot be.

Society, you claim to give me many things but really you deny me everything that makes us human. How can you oversee humans if there is no humanity?

Best wishes

Nicholas Petrou